AboutShoreline Sports Floors

Shoreline Sports Floors has been providing specialised services to the sports & leisure industry for the past 18 years.

Sports floors supplied by Shoreline are designed in Australia with industry leading performance, maximum energy return and unrivalled asset life expectancy being the bedrock of each installation. A vast product range allows the company to cater to any client installation request, from high end international sporting events to local Community facilities, our aim is to surpass expectations.

Shoreline Sports Floors has researched, investigated, and innovated over many years to ensure that we offer all clients the ultimate timber sports floor maintenance opportunities. Our specialised sports floor finisher provides ideal sports slip resistance and our unique application methods provide the maximum body of finish post re-coat or re-sand maintenance works. Our company offers an array of sports floor Court Design options, such as decal stickers, surface tinting, surface staining, enamel line marking, enamel fill painting, enamel logo or crest application and enamel sports line markings. 18 years of constant research allows Shoreline to turn your sports floor into an absolute work of art, no matter how diverse the design request may be.

Choosing to partner with Shoreline Sports Floors regarding Sprung Timber Sports Floor installation, maintenance or court design will guarantee satisfaction and ongoing client support.

Supplying innovative flooring solutions is not just our intention, it is our mantra. Whilst we are staunchly proud of our past achievements, we also realise the importance of evolving for the future.

Shoreline is constantly investigating the most cutting edge material and procedures from across the world to ensure we deliver the most advanced and exceptional outcomes to our valued clients. We use industry leading techniques from across the globe to design timber floor solutions in Australia for the Australian market.

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Troy Marquart

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