Chemical Scrub

Are your facility cleaning staff struggling to keep your sports floor in mint condition?

Dirt, dust, sweat and other nasties can make your timber sports floor slippery and dangerous.

Don’t panic, Shoreline can help to get your timber floor system squeaky clean and contaminate free before your next big event.

Don’t let grime & contaminates affect the performance of your timber sports floor system. The timber floor surface has been finished with the finest sports finisher but a heavy film of dust or body fats will remove this finishers ability to provide the required slip resistance to all end users.

Shoreline Sports Floors can complete a chemical scrub of the total floor area, using an automatic scrubbing machine. The surface contaminate can be removed via the scrub in approximately one hour and the floor system can return to normal use immediately upon completion.

Our floor scrubbing units are filled with Green Earth Velocity solution which is a versatile cleaning product that quickly & effectively removes contaminates from the surface of the timber floor system, without damaging the finisher or leaving residue.