Turn your playing surface into a work of art!



Shoreline Sports Floors is the industry expert in regards to timber sports floor Court Design applications. Our talented technicians have been highly trained in regards to all the imperative points that ensure a quality outcome and we obtain specialised products from all over the world. Your timber sports floor asset can be a real work of art.

EnamelLogo Design

Shoreline can enamel paint any College crest or sponsor logo onto your facility's timber sports floor surface. All we need is a suitable eps logo file and our computer-generated transfers will allow the Shoreline crew to provide individualised enamel logo design application, in any court area and in any size that suits the particular client.

FillPaint and Text

Enamel fill painting the perimeter surrounds, basketball keyways or centre circles creates a real point of difference in any facility. Painted enamel text allows teams to label their home court, or Schools to clearly note an important creed. Using team or College paint colours in fill painted sections creates a real home ground advantage.

Tintand Staining

Tinting, staining or white lime washing court sections creates an amazing outcome and can literally drag any court surface into the modern era. Tinting allows the timber grain to be exposed within the deep colour of the court design which provides an ultra-modern finish. Shoreline imports specialised tinting base from the USA, which can be applied in almost any colour. The only limit is client imagination.