Any timber sports floor can be a work of art and an opportunity to show case facility sponsors. Shoreline Sports Floors has received extensive court design application training in the USA and we have been providing this specialised service to Australian clients over many years.

Shoreline consults and converses with clients to obtain a general brief of the individualised design requirements, we then use this information to create a computer generated design layout.

This document is revised until the clients design is accurate on paper, the real work starts after the layout is accepted and our talented employees arrive on the site. Shoreline has perfected the process, the compatible enamel sports paint, the worlds most innovative court design template material and protection sports finisher top coat chemical bond time frames.

Many years of training & testing allows Shoreline to provide industry leading enamel court design applications to the Australian sports & leisure industry.

Shoreline Sports Floors can take any client dream from conversation to sports floor site reality. If you can imagine a sports court design, we can paint it.

Timber sports floors can be a work of art!