Full Re-sands

Even the best timber sports floor annual maintenance program, cannot change the fact that your sports floor will need a full re-sand, enamel line marking program and four coat specialised coating program eventually, to return the system back to former glory. One of the greatest client costs during this once in a decade re-sand period is the lost usage charges or hirers fees. Shoreline is the industry leader in regards to providing a quality re-sand outcome, in the fastest possible time. Our purpose-built sanding and coating equipment will reduce facility down time and get your greatest asset back in action sooner.


Court before full re-sand


Court after full re-sand

Sand the surface back to a natural timber state.

Apply the specialised sealer to the total floor area.

Apply the sports line marking with specifically designed enamel paint.

Apply the state-of-the-art oil or water-based finisher coats.

Full Re-sand Surface Maintenance

After a decade of service your timber floor system will become darker due to finish coat amber and will need to be taken back to a flat plane. A full re-sand completed by Shoreline will provide a floor system that is significantly lighter in colour and is returned to the original installation state.

All re-sand maintenance includes the following scope points:

  • Coarse machine sanding of the total floor area back to natural timber
  • Apply suitable floor filler to any required position
  • Medium & fine machine sanding of the total floor area
  • Industrial vacuum the total floor area
  • Tack mop the total floor area
  • Apply one coat of deep penetrating floor sealer
  • Apply painted enamel sports line marking
  • Apply three coats of specialised floor finisher
  • Clean up on completion

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