Heavy surface contaminate will not allow timber sports floors to provide the required slip resistance to end users. Sweat, body fats & general grime can build up over time affecting the appearance of the sports floor asset and the expected performance.

Shoreline Sports Floors has invested in suitable automatic scrubbing machines and we now offer a timber sports floor chemical scrubbing service, that will remove any contaminate build up from the total sports floor area. The scrubbing scope of works is completed in a matter of hours and the floor can resume normal use one hour after the chemical scrub is completed.

Shoreline exclusively uses Green Earth Velocity cleaner within the scrubbing chamber, which can be mixed at a light, moderate or heavy dilution to accommodate the current condition of any timber sports floors.

Velocity is a hard working chemical that removes grime from the surface and is safe for the timber sports finisher, the employee completing the chemical scrub and the facility at large.

Chemical scrubs can invigorate the sports floor surface slip resistance, in between re-coat periods. The cleaning scope of works is completed quickly with immediate results. An exceptionally clean sports floor is a surface athletes want to play on.

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Invigorate your sports floors!