Shoreline Sports Floors is adept in regards to the design & installation of sprung timber floor systems within the Australian market. Shoreline recognises that Australian conditions and requirements differ greatly from alternate overseas regions, every aspect of our system design was created with local Australian requirements in mind. Shoreline installation & finishing methods were devised to accommodate conditions that are a reality in Australia. As the exclusive NSW, ACT & QLD distributors of ASF Horner Pty Ltd, Shoreline can offer the only Southern Hemisphere (Oceania) FIBA certified sprung timber floor systems in our region. Shoreline can proudly offer all Australian clients a truly local choice.

Our sprung timber floor systems provide unrivalled durability, unsurpassed ball bounce consistency, exceptional energy return and industry leading asset life span.

Shoreline Sports Floors has tailored our product range over many years to ensure that we provide the best possible outcomes for Australian clients. We innovate and learn perpetually to ensure that we modify for any Australian industry change.