Your floor will benefit fromour experience

Your timber sports floor is a valuable asset that provides full service 365 days a year. Just like any other asset it deserves and requires regular maintenance to keep the surface performing at its very best and to maintain the value of your investment. Replacing a timber sports floor is a very large capital expense however you should never need to do this, prevention is significantly better than the cure and always cheaper in the long run. All facilities should complete a maintenance scope that suits the needs of the particular facility.

The key aspect of any facility is the actual sport floor. Your sports floor asset is subjected to the highest wear & tear through normal use. With a quality maintenance contract in place you will achieve:

  • Protection of your capital investment.
  • Protection of court line markings to limit costly remarking.
  • Protection of the timber to limit the need to re-sand.
  • Enhanced system image creating respect & care from user groups.
  • Lower overall maintenance & management cost.
  • Extended life expectancy of the floor system.
  • Easier cleaning & in-house maintenance.
  • Most importantly a safer playing surface.

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