Setting the standard in portable floors

The Pro-King Portable Flooring System combines superior playing characteristics and the fastest assembly available. This system is constructed to meet the demands of today’s competition and is currently in use by many NBA, NBL and IFNA teams and nationally recognized Entertainment Facilities.

If you have ever watched an NBA or IFNA match, the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, the 2015 Netball World Cup or the 2017/2018 Netball Fast5 World Cup then you have seen the ProKing Portable Floor System in action.

Like all ASF Horner Sports Floors, the Pro-King exceeds competitive standards for playability and carries the same high-quality appearance and detailed finishing associated with all Shoreline Sports Floor Systems.

Fastest Assembly Available

The ProKing is the fastest and easiest to assemble portable floor system on the market today. An experienced six-person crew can assemble the floor and make it ready for play in a matter of hours. Each 1200mm X 2100m panel is easily guided into position with the patented Pro-Pivot@ hinge and securely fastened by a sliding lock. Completely hidden from view, the patented system hardware is a part of the floor panel and cannot be mislaid during the frequent installation and assembly required in a busy sports facility.

Flexible Design

Shoreline can accommodate a wide variety of ProKing floor designs, to suit any facilities particular requirements. The ProKing system offers world leading versatility and can be supplied in either a non sprung or sprung construction, furnished with traditional North American Maple flooring or any selected Australian hardwood flooring. Shoreline can complete individualised ProKing court design works to compliment the required enamel sports line markings and create a real point of difference.

The following are playing on the A.S.F Horner Pro-King

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