Suitable re-coat maintenance is imperative to protect any timber floor system. Suitable annual or biennial re-coat maintenance returns a good body of specialised finisher to the surface to ensure suitable slip resistance is returned to all end users and to extend the life expectancy of the facility asset.

All facility managers want to complete sufficient timber floor maintenance but closing down a facility to accommodate finisher curing frustrates hirers, costs money and is simply impractical for certain high use facilities.

Shoreline Sports Floors has developed a timber floor re-coat scope of works that provides the best of both worlds, impeccable re-coat maintenance with industry leading curing periods.

Shoreline incorporates StreetShoe NXT water based polyurethane finisher into our general scope, as follows:

Complete a chemical floor scrub with an automatic scrubbing machine, of the total Hall area to remove any surface contaminates.

Complete a fine circular abrade of the total floor area.

Vacuum the total area.

Tack mop the total floor area.

Apply two coats of suitable StreetShoe NXT water based polyurethane finisher

StreetShoe NXT is not only the most durable finisher on the market, but is also 90% cured in 24 hours. Clients can resume normal use 24 hours after the StreetShoe NXT coats area applied, as opposed to 5 to 7 days with conventional OMU finishing products.

Shoreline can complete the above re-coat scope of works in one day in an average sized Hall under good drying conditions and the Hall will only need one curing day.

We can complete the re-coat on a Saturday and the Hall is ready to accommodate normal use first thing on Monday morning. This short turn around is of real benefit to Schools, Universities, Councils or Associations that simply cannot afford to have their surface unavailable during the working week.

Your timber floor asset does not need to miss the protective surface re-coat maintenance anymore, Shoreline has created the perfect solution.

The Perfect Solution