Surface Re-coat

Re-coat maintenance is imperative to ensure a good body of finisher provides surface protection and suitable sports slip resistance to all end users.

Shoreline has innovated and researched for over a decade to create exclusive techniques that apply the maximum amount of specialised sports finisher to your facility’s greatest asset.

Partnering with Shoreline to complete timber floor system re-coat maintenance will guarantee maximum finisher body, maximum slip resistance and maximum satisfaction.

Oil Based Finisher Re-coat Option

Active Sports Finisher Oil Modified Urethane

  • Premium high solid oil modified finish for commercial use.
  • Perfect finish for Sports Hall & High End Sporting Facilities.
  • DIN Certified in regard to sports slip resistance.

Water Based Finisher Re-coat Option

StreetShoe NXT Water Based Polyurethane

  • Low VOC levels and industry leading durability.
  • Perfect finish for Community Halls, Dance applications & Performance Stages.
  • 24 hour surface cure. Minimal maintenance down time.

Annual Re-coat Surface Maintenance

Shoreline Sports Floors works with individual facilities to create a maintenance scope of works that suits the particular usage and requirements. Every sports floor accommodates different end users and has differing foot traffic levels, maintenance works needs to be personalised and specific.

All re-coat maintenance includes the following scope points:

  • Rotary screen disc abrade the total floor area.
  • Industrial vacuum the total floor area to remove grit & dust.
  • Tack mop the total floor area for a final clean.
  • Application of one or two coats of specialised sports floor finisher.
  • Clean up on completion.

Marist College ACT

Active Sports Finisher Oil Based

Re-coat Maintenance

Surry Hills Library and Community Centre

StreetShoe NXT Water Based

Re-coat Maintenance

Netball Central

Active Sports Finisher Oil Based

Re-coat Maintenance

Niagra Park Stadium

StreetShoe NXT Water Based

Re-coat Maintenance