The National Portrait Gallery renovation in Canberra is complete and Shoreline Sports Floors has handed over the Gallery timber floor systems, furnished with Southern Blue Gum T & G flooring.

Shoreline installed almost 2,000m2 of flooring in a unique pattern over a substantial sub-floor that was designed to accommodate the extremely heavy moveable art walls and plant required within the Gallery area. Each header board and floorboard was secret nail fixed and adhesive fixed with fast drying Soudal adhesive, which allowed our sanding works to commence almost immediately post installation, this time saving was imperative due to the short building program.

The system set-out and actual installation needed to be acutely accurate due to the existing brass power boxes and selected lay pattern. The talented Shoreline employees were meticulous and our company is very proud of the quality outcome that they produced.

It was a privilege for Shoreline Sports Floors to be involved in the renovation of such an iconic building and the outcome displays the versatility of our accomplished employees.

Installing floors for iconic buildings!